Wednesday, 21 April 2010

No cards today.

I am not putting any cards up today as the ones I have done are for the One Stop Shop blog and one is for my firends retirement on Friday. Judith and I have been friends for the duration of my employment at Morrisons we have done the whole thing friends do laugh, fall out, make up the usual thing. This week I am on holiday so I wont be there when she finishes, it will be a very sad week for her and she wanted me to go see her but I know I will be as upset as she will be. I will miss her quite a lot from work but I will be going round for my tea now and again when Tony goes back to working days, I wish herlots of Love and a much easier life than she had at work thats all I am posting at the minute as I can feel myself welling up again.


  1. Hi Janet, sounds like a sad week for both of you. In answer to your question, you don't post DT cards on your blog until the day the challenge goes on the blog usually otherwise you give people a head start on what the challenge is. Hope that helps you. Hopefully I'll make it to Tracey's this Saturday so should see you there, hugs, Jane xxx

  2. Awwwwwww sorry to hear your friend will be leaving work, it sounds like you had some good times together, it is nice to know you wont lose touch though (((((HUGS))))) see you soon XXX

  3. Thanks Ladies was nice to see you both last week