Sunday, 5 August 2012

My get away .....

Well it's been a while since I last posted any photo's of our little project namely MY CRAFT ROOM so here are just a couple of pics to show how it's coming along then maybe a final pic next week when I have had time to get my stuff in. I have just been thinking it will be like having a great big delivery of stuff I found that had been forgotten, sugar I have so much stuff & then there's the stuff at the old house too I'm not sure I have enough room (is an extension out of the question? ha ha).


  1. How exciting. Can't wait to see your photos as you give us all updates. The hard work will be well worth it. Hugs Nina

  2. Grimsby Crafts Class

    RV14, 13, 10
    W5, 2, 0
    E43, 41, 40
    Atyou Pink 02
    Silver 12

    hugs Kate x

  3. oh hun you brought a tear to my eye that was such a lovely heartfelt comment and thank you it means alot
    see you soon
    Kate xx