Sunday, 3 April 2011

Week #125 & an Award

Week #125 over at OSCC the theme for this week is Spots & Dots and it was chosen by the lovely Francesca it is Sponsored by the lovely Dude Time Doodles:
Store Blurb

Dude Time Doodles carries all of your crazy "Dude" card needs. We work exclusively with the artists at Bonibleaux Designs to bring you guy images and ideas for those hard to make cards for the "Dudes" in your life.

Guys aren't about flowers and fluff. Guys are our heroes, our fighters, our beer chuggers and bug squashers.

I have been given an award from a lovely lady called Lisa G please pop ovet to her blog and have a look at her lovely work, Thank you Lisa and I am going to give it to :

1. I like my space
2. I like my solitude while I craft
3. I like my life
4. I like to try my hand at new crafts
5. I like my friends
6. I love blog hopping
7. I get a bit forgetful sometimes.


  1. Thanks so much, Janet. It was so sweet of you to think of me although I'm not too sure that versatile really fits very well. Also, it was neat to learn so much about you. (in both your posts).