Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter with the FAMILY

Hi everyone world wide I hope you have all a Terrific week-end as we have the weather has been really kind to of late so what else is there to do but Fish (did you go fishing Matt? haha) Kate I hope you let him :), we had a lovely morning at the Country Park Humberston & here are about a million pics haha. The folk in these shots are My Hubby, Son, Ewan & Grace.

Ewan Chatting the Swan up

This poor man had caught lots of fish & Ewan aked to see one the nice chap said
sure & got one out to show him & I think the photo says what happened next

And these little beauties are what we caught :)

Easter Monday we took the Grandchildren to Cleethorpes for the morning the sun was glorious but the wind was a bit bracing, we built Sandcastles, walked on the beach, had an Icecream a ride on some machines chips & home.

too much fresh air


  1. What a lovely time you had with your lovely family Janet. A great photo of grandad and grandchildren all tired out, gorgeous. Anita x

  2. oooooooooooo tadpoles so much fun and yes Matt went fishing :) and I spent the day colouring, great tan on the legs :) love the last photo, that was Matt after his fishing too - must have been all the fresh air
    Kate x

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