Monday, 7 February 2011

Think I have caught Ewan's Hypo Bug

This week-end my grandson has been on a hyper high for some reason or other unlike his poor sister who was really offish on Sat but was a bit better Sun, and here are a couple of reasons why I think I caught his bug.

Laura's Baby Card

This is for my Daughter Laura's baby that is due in a few weeks time I am so excited just as I was Grace & Ewan (can you guess what we're having).
This an 8x8 card layered with a pale blue card I then added a pearlised paper from Craftwork Cards, flowers from Wild Orchid, a rub-on backed with a slightly deeper blue which also backed the pram digi stamp (sorry don't know the owner) & flower at the bottom of the card which was done with Marianne Creatable finished off with a charm.

Party Card

This is another card from the Katy Sue & Mike Payne Party Buffs CD there are 3 in this set for stepper cards all really mannish all you have to provide is the glue & card.


Look at this little treasure I found in a bin at church isn't it great now the only thing is deciding what to do with it ................ ant ideas?



  1. Beautiful baby card and beautiful party card. You have such talent. And what a marvelous find you made in the church bin.

  2. Gorgeous baby card! I really love the party card. It is such a clever design.

  3. Great cards. I love the faces on the party card.

  4. Hi Janet, your coments on my blog always make me giggle! Love the one about the sink! Wow how exciting to be waiting for the arrival of another Grandchild! I remember when you were all excited the first time round. They bring so much pleasure. Where did u leave me a message? Send it again if you don't mind. I can't remember receiving one, but so much is going on at the moment and I am more scatty than ever!!!!!!!! Regarding the cage, yum yum yum. I would rough it up a bit, make it really shabby looking, add ribbons, flowers and a label and try to find a bird, angel or fairy to sit in it. What an AMAZING find!!!!!! Please show us when it's finished it will be beautiful. x

  5. Phew, I was a bit worried for a minute. Yes Lynn did say you had been in. Let me know if you book on a class I will throw a sicky!!!!!!!! Only kidding, I would love to see you Janet. Don't forget to show us all what you do with the bird cage, it will be lovely. Sue x

  6. Love the baby card Janet, let me know as soon as she gets baby. Might join you on one of Sue's classes lol xxxx