Monday, 26 July 2010

Ewan & Grace

Thought seeing as I was having a break from the DT this week I would upload some pics of Ewan & Grace from 2 Sundays ago, the weather was hot & they just needed to go to the Park, so we took them to Weelsby Woods in grimsby so they could play on their scooters with loads of space then we took them to the park in Cleethorpes that has just had a grant spent on it & how good it is too. Grace found a climbing frame with a telescope & fireman's pole and decided it would be good fun if Grandad pretended to be poorly so her & Ewan could rescue him, so he had to lay in the middle of the playing field so grace could see him, then it was back to ours for lunch & a nap.

just thought I might share a few pics we took at Weelsby Woods before taking them on to Sussex Reck think thats how it's spelt.


  1. Lovely pic's Janet, theyare growing up so quick, doesn't seem 5 min's since Ewan was born. Looks like Tony was having a good time too, who had the sleep Tony or the kids lol.
    Love Lorraine xxx

  2. all of them, thanks for popping by x

  3. Awwwwww what precious family moments Janet, looks like a good time was had by all, lol at the rescuing scenario, good on you for getting lots of photos,n nothin can beat being silly and having fun with the kiddos, both of whom are incredibly cute by the way, love and hugs, hoping this weeks a better one hon XXX

  4. Hi Janet: What lovely kids - you must be so proud of them. Your pictures tell a story of a happy day at 'the swings' as we used to call them. Was this the park near Isaacs hill with the bowling club opposite? I passed some swings there yesterday that looked mega and brand new. Lovely pix for scrapping too! xxx