Saturday, 20 March 2010

Not posting a card today as I'm so tired, got up 4-30 to catch 5-26 train to Harrogate only for my friend & the train to arrive at the same time. We went so early as I thought it would be good to do a class, all went well but for the weather & homeward bound we went to the wrong platform for the train home ( do you get the feeling youv'e been here before like 5-26), so any way still very tired over spent & now Rugby is on WHAT A DAY haha


  1. I was at Harrogate on Sunday Janet. Really loved looking at all the different crafting ideas, displays and demonstrations. But some of the people there were so rude! I got my feet trodden on and my ribs dug several times and people were just going mad pushing and shoving. It would have been a great craft show without the people lol Looks like you bought a whole stash and some lovely things! Looking forward to seeing what you make with it, xxx

  2. yes I enjoyed it so far only used punchesto try them, 1 charm haha so yes it will be interesting to find out myself.