Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I wont be posting any cards for a few days as I have to do a special card for my friends parents 50th, the element she has chosen isn't sitting right for me it doesn't feel right & I want it to be special.
It's been a day & half for me yesterday I took Judith's card to work for her & made her cry when she saw it( not because she didn't like it), then I went to visit my friend Lorraine & then I strolled round a few shops day done. Today I got a call from my daughter (Vicki) asking me to go to hospital with her as she had banged her head earlier this morning, she is ok but she had to have someone with her so she came here where I could be with her. So that is all for now folks (roll the music)haha Night


  1. Hope your card goes well for you Janet. Sounds as if Judith liked hers a lot. HOpe your daughter is ok - you don't have a dull moment do you. Take care xxx

  2. Awww! Janet sounds like you have had a busy day, I hope your daughter is feeling better? thanks for the award.


  3. yes she's fine thank you both for asking, as for Jude I think everyone who went in Morrisons saw it. Now I have to get on with the card from Hell haha just joking its just not there yet