Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Karma ?...............

Hello everyone just thought I would do a little post without photo's, challenges & cards just an apology or two, it seems I've been walking on egg shells for so long now I think my Karma is OMELETTE'S. I need to say sorry to someone who might take me on my word & look at this blog and to anyone else I may have upset unknowingly, I love blogging and don't always have anything to say or show & it seems that this could effect you in the future also if I post a poorly looking pic of a card I'm sorry I use my phone which also effects your future in blogland. I started this blog to show my cards have a little fun with challenges but it sometimes erks people. I also have to say sorry if I seem abrupt that's not my way but I wont be walked over & I wont let other's be either, I may have gone on a bit & feel like saying sorry but that's all I seem to be doing these days .......................... so SOZ


  1. oh hun, hope things are okay?
    Kate xx

  2. Hope you are ok? Sending loads of love your way. Hugs Nina

  3. Awwwww honey, this post made me sad, I dont think you ever have the need to apologise, I dont always comment ( sorry time just gets away from me) but I love stopping by and catching up, I love to see your cards and read all your family updates, don't EVER change Janet, your true friends love you for YOU and everyone else doesn't matter, sending love and a great big squishy hug - keep smiling xxx

  4. Bless you Janet. Don't let them get you down, mostly, they are not worth it. Keep up your blogging and crafting. Sending love xx

  5. hey sunshine. absolutely no need to apologize. you just be you and know you are blessed and loved. always good to see you so just keep blogging. we love to visit.

    big hugs and smiles :)

  6. Hey there, just wanted to pop by to thank you for leaving such a lovely message at The Squirrel and The Fox in the lead up to our birthday blog hop. Just wanted to let you know the hop is now live - with oodles of prizes on offer but I seem to have caught you at a sad time. I hope everything is okay, just remember, you blog for you, not for anyone out there who likes to criticise.