Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Missing you ........................

Hello Everyone out there I hope you are all ok on this beautiful morning although they say it will rain by lunch, I'm sorry I haven't been around much but they say a picture speaks volumes I can only hear the whispers from my crafting stuff. This is the reason I'm not around at the moment & if anyone needs to contact me Kate from Downright Crafty & OSCC can get hold of me, sorry it's just a short blog today as I have just been able to get to my Computer.


  1. aw hun, poor you on a diet of alterations but not in the crafty sense loved your contact note lol although I can only contact you through here :) click my e mail me button on my page and send me some details lol xx
    Kate xx

  2. oh wow dust free that is an accomplishment considering the changes, hope the craft stuff is feeling a little lighter now that the covers are off
    Hugs Kate x