Sunday, 3 October 2010

My September Mystery

Good morning everyone even though it's very wet & horrible weather I have a little mystery maybe someone may be able to help me with?
This is what I woke up to yesterday.
For the last 5-6 years at the end of September I get these little beauties in my garden usually there are only two but this year I have three they just pop up when you forget to look for them, what I would be interested in knowing is are they poisonous? With having two small children most week-ends I wouldn't want them to find them before me as they have grown in a different spot this year & the biggest one is nearly as big as my hand (look at the bar-be-que tongues) for a rough guide.


  1. Afraid I haven't a clue! dID THEY TASTE GOOD??!! oNLY kIDDING!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Janet. We live surrounded by trees so it is often that we get all sorts of mushrooms - some like this, brown, red, yellow, gray, etc. I do not trust any of them to be non-poisonous. We have a friend who goes into woods and harvests wild mushrooms, but he knows what he's doing.